Energic Plus® - In charge of your batteries

The Energic Plus® name is synonymous with quality, innovation and durability in power electronics for battery-operated systems.

Energic Plus® has a long-lasting and successful worldwide presence in the energy storage and power supply sectors for more than 10 years now. With more than 10 000 happy and returning customers on all continents of the world, we can say that we are one of the leading suppliers of battery charge equipment on today's market. In terms of battery regeneration and diagnostics equipment, Energic Plus has® become the market leader with currently over 500 happy and returning customers! 

We offer a complete range of industrial battery chargers that provide outstanding reliability and performance with traction batteries of all types (flooded or sealed lead-acid, gel-cell, Ni-Zn), used on any type of vehicle or portable equipment. 


A new regeneration centre was recently opened in Algeria. After a local 3-day training course, the team took into operation a 1000 Ah-machine

Mayotte - an insular department and region of France - has welcomed Energic Plus for the first time on the island. We are very happy with the installation of this battery maintenance workshop on the fabulous island of Mayotte. The equipment will mostly be used to maintain and regenerate stationary batteries used in solar applications, as well as starter batteries.