Battery regeneration, service and maintenance seminar for forklifts!

Thu, 01/10/2015 - 08:04 -- Anonymous (not verified)
Battery regeneration TVH Training Centre
  • Battery regeneration TVH Training Centre
  • Battery regeneration TVH Training Centre

Energic Plus and TVH Training Centre are joining forces: in the offices of TVH Training Centre we are organising a full day programme on battery basics, service and battery regeneration. Batteries are the most expensive part of a forklift, so we all understand the importance of proper battery maintenance. If you are capable of performing proper battery maintenance, and extend the life of your batteries by 2,3,4 ... years then this can make the difference between making a profit or making a lot of profit. 

For most people battery service is not an easy task and more of a necessity, however we can show you differently. 
During this FULL-day workshop we will bring you up to speed on the latest techniques in battery service, analysis and battery regeneration. 
In the course of this interactive training we will demonstrate the latest tools and products that will help you make battery service a piece of cake.

Training course (in English):

Batteries and chargers € 270

Battery regeneration and analysis € 270

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