Energic Plus: The versatile battery regeneration, analysis and maintenance tool!

Wed, 04/11/2015 - 12:03 -- Anonymous (not verified)
Battery regeneration energic plus

Once more the Replus battery regenerator proves its versatility! Westexe Forklifts in the UK has purchased our battery regenerator + BMS to gain a better insight into their batteries and - most importantly - to save more on their battery purchases.

They will use the Energic Plus equipment for 3 main purposes: 

- It will help them to broaden their services to their customers, they now have the option to offer a professional battery maintenance and regeneration service

- They will optimise the lifespan of their own batteries in their rental trucks 

- This equipment will provide them with more options when selling second-hand electric machines, allowing them to sell a machine with a completely regenerated battery

Energic Plus: In charge of your batteries!

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