Is there a need for battery regeneration?

Thu, 22/10/2015 - 10:41 -- Anonymous (not verified)
Battery regenerator and maintenance Energic Plus

Is there a need for battery regeneration? The answer is YES! As a battery discharges during use, lead sulphate is formed inside. Charging the battery reverses this electro-chemical process and the lead sulphate is dissolved or separated again. However, this process is not complete: with each cycle, small amounts of lead sulphate remain undissolved, and these gradually form sulphate crystals. Over time, these crystals attach to the surfaces of the battery, mainly on the negative plates, creating an insulating layer over the lead which gradually decreases the battery’s capacity. While at first the charge and capacity differences between individual cells are small, their effect increases rapidly when cells are arranged in series, as is usual in industrial batteries.

Battery regeneration with the Energic Plus battery regenerator uses highly effective regeneration processes developed especially for the different battery types. Lead sulphate is removed by the electrical high-frequency pulsation process of the battery regenerator. Literally: rejuvenate your battery.

You can use our battery regeneration system for starter batteries, stationary batteries, traction & semi-traction batteries and Ni-Cad batteries. 

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