Another satisfied customer of the Energic Replus battery regenerator

Fri, 10/10/2014 - 13:07 -- energicplus
Satisfied customers who bought the battery regenerator

The Energic Replus battery regenerator is the perfect solution to maintain a big fleet of electric lift trucks. With the battery reconditioning technology, the batteries of the lift trucks remain in an optimal state. That way, the battery always performs at its maximum capacity.

Since its launch at the CEMAT exhibition in Hannover in 2011, the ENERGIC PLUS Battery Regenerator has been adopted by over 500 companies in the airline, off-highway/industrial vehicle, telecom business, and retail markets, and the benefits of its advantages of use are now available to the marine sector.

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While ENERGIC PLUS’s Battery Regenerator does not mean the end of purchasing new batteries, it will result in users being able to extend battery life and gaining substantially more working hours from their batteries. It is not a miracle cure, but what we can guarantee is that by means of the Battery Regenerator we can completely disulphate batteries and, if these are linked to our diagnostics equipment, we can enable a perfect analysis of exactly what the problem is in a battery pack.

Some reactions of satisfied customers:

- "By the way, the regenerator is working like charm we really like it!" (Finnsiirto Oy)

- "The Replus technology will make it possible to keep our large fleet of electrical forklifts healty." (French company)