Energic Plus consolidates its market position as leader for battery regeneration in Mexico.

Mon, 29/04/2019 - 16:13 -- Anonymous (not verified)
Battery maintenance in Mexico
  • Battery maintenance in Mexico

The Energic Plus battery reconditioner has become a reference among the most important distributors of forklifts in Mexico. On this occasion, we have been welcomed by the company Dimosa in the city of Guadalajara. We have trained the technical staff of Dimosa on how to operate and use our technology and, consequently, decrease their yearly investments on new purchases of new batteries.

With great joy, we also welcomed JV Montacargas amongst the happy users of our M1007F reconditioning unit. They have invested in a full and complete setup so that professional battery maintenance will become the new standard. With the aim to reduce their annual investments on lead-acid batteries as well as increasing reliability of their battery-powered trucks, they have made the right investment.

Finally, we also installed another professional battery maintenance facility in Mexico. We welcomed Dimcsa as a customer to the great Energic Plus family and we wish them the best in their future projects. The Dimcsa technicians have taken part in the extensive training on how to extend the operational lifespan of the batteries in use, and thus work profitably. In addition, the training also included the analysis and maintenance of batteries using our Energic Plus equipment.

We want to thank JV Montacargas, Dlmosa and Dimcsa for their trust.