Loxam Glasgow improves its battery management strategy

Thu, 28/10/2021 - 10:01 -- stevendm
Loxam Glasgow improves its battery management strategy

As a result of a global strategy, the Loxam group improved their battery management strategy. Loxam decided to work together with Energic Plus and invested in professional battery maintenance tools and regeneration units. 

In 2020, the first experience with regeneration was gained internationally, by the Glasgow branch. Loxam Glasgow bought its first regenerator to regenerate a bunch of Trojan batteries that were assumed to no longer hold their power. Thanks to the magic of regeneration, the Trojan batteries were revived and can now be used optimally again. 

This experience encouraged Loxam to further integrate the use of regeneration tools in other branches as well. Dubai already started to use regenerators for their local fleet early 2021 and Qatar followed shortly after. 

At the same time, ‘Ramirent’ - Loxam’s Polish branch - set up regeneration programmes with Energic Plus in their 4 branches: Gdańsk (NORTH), Poznań (WEST), Warsaw (CENTRAL)
and Świętochłowice (SOUTH).

Battery regeneration is becoming a full part of electric fleet management at Loxam group. That is why the Energic plus team wants to sincerely thank all Loxam branches for their trust, and guarantee its continued support.

The people at Loxam have seen with their own eyes how much money they can save while simultaneously reducing their ecological footprint by means of proper battery maintenance.

A big thank you to Loxam for placing their trust in Energic plus.

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