battery regenerator Lima

These days, the company V.M. Máquinas - located in the capital of Peru - has begun to offer battery regeneration services with the help of Energic Plus technology.

battery regenerator croatia

We're extremely pleased to announce another successful installation of a regen unit, this time at our client Inter Vilicari located in beautiful Croatia.


A few days ago, we had the honour of spending some time with our customer Montacargas Baja California in Tijuana. We gave them training courses on how to operate the Energic Replus battery regenerator. 

Battery regenerator Belgium

Batteries from cleaning machines, aerial work platforms or golf carts are just as prone to sulphation build-up as traction batteries. 


Energic Plus once again confirms its place as the market leader with its latest activities in Tchad. The telecom tower specialists in the capital Ndjamena have taken part in the extensive training on how to extend the life of batteries in use, and in this way, work cost efficiently.


Time is money … Everyone has heard this saying, but working hastily can lead to unpleasant and dangerous situations.

before using a charger

When you purchase a new battery charger, it is very important to take certain things into account before plugging it into the socket. If an incorrect action is performed, your new battery charger could fail. What exactly do you need to pay attention to? Let's give you a summary.


Batteries are often referred to as the ‘heart of the electric lift truck’. So it is important to take care of them in the best possible way. But what do you need to pay attention to in order to charge your traction batteries as efficiently as possible? We gathered some tips for you.


Do you wish to extend the lifespan of your batteries? Do you want to obtain a maximum return from your machine? The traction battery charger plays a crucial part in this. Charging properly means that the empty battery will regain the correct amount of energy in the available time. 

Traction chargers

When working with batteries, it’s not unusual to experience a reduction in battery life. Over 50% of all battery issues are not related to the battery itself but rather to the inefficient charging methods or an incompatibility between the charger and batteries, you can read more about this in the blog post How do I correctly charge traction batteries?