Battery regenerator and maintenance Energic Plus

We have welcomed a lot of new and familiar faces and we can say that the show has been a huge success, with a large number of new potential customers.

Battery regeneration and maintenance 1

After the first successful sale in Brazil we felt that the potential for our products in the Brazil market is enormous.

Battery regenerator sold in Finland

Energic Plus is very pleased to announce the appointment of a new distributor in the homeland of Santa Claus, Finland!


We are very happy to​ welcome our 10th ​French ​battery regenerator customer​ ​in 2015, this brings the total n​umber of ​devicess in France ​to more than 40!

Battery regeneration energic plus

Once more the Replus battery regenerator proves its versatility! Westexe Forklifts has purchased our battery regenerator + BMS to gain a better insight into their batteries.

Battery regenerator and maintenance Energic Plus

Is there a need for battery regeneration? The answer is YES! Battery regeneration expands the lifespan of your batteries: lead sulphate is removed by the electrical high-frequency pulsation process of the battery regenerator.

Battery regenerator and maintenance Energic Plus

After a little less than a year we are delighted to see that STILL UK has purchased another REPLUS battery regenerator (1000Ah).

Energic Plus

Always keep sparks, flames, burning cigarettes, and other sources of ignition away from the battery recharging area. Wear protective eye wear when working near batteries. Do not break "live" circuits at the terminals of batteries.

Battery regeneration TVH Training Centre

Energic Plus and TVH Training Centre are joining forces: in the offices of TVH Training Centre we are organising a full day programme on battery basics, service and regeneration.

Battery regenerator Energic Plus

Another battery regenerator sold in Nigeria, this time our technology and knowledge will be used to regenerate stationary batteries.