In the past, battery issues were one of the most difficult problems to tackle for Still Belgium. Most of the work was outsourced and unfortunately, many batteries were replaced while they could have been repaired.


Telecom operators have the responsibility to make sure that their signal is available at all times. That is why they need to install backup batteries in every antenna all over the country. 

battery reconditioning Singapore

We are very pleased to announce that we have appointed Sinensis Pte Ltd. as our new exclusive distributor in Singapore.

battery reconditioning pakistan

Crean International, our long-term partner in Pakistan, has been awarded an innovation award because it has successfully introduced battery maintenance and regeneration into Pakistan.


Energic Plus is a brand that continues to grow. That is why, to ensure an individual approach for our customers, we would like to familiarise you with the people behind the brand.


We are pleased to inform you about the newest member in the Energic Plus customer network, i.e. the company João Lourenço Empilhadores.


The collaboration between Linde and Energic Plus celebrates its first anniversary! More than 20 regenerators where deployed within the Linde network in 2017 in various countries.


A new regeneration centre was recently opened in Algeria. After a local 3-day training course, the team took into operation a 1000 Ah-machine


Mayotte - an insular department and region of France - has welcomed Energic Plus for the first time on the island. We are very happy with the installation of this battery maintenance workshop on the fabulous island of Mayotte.


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