We proudly inform you of yet another successful installation of a fully operational battery regeneration workshop in India.


Proudly we inform you about our most recent installation of a full battery maintenance workshop in Singapore. We would like to thank our customer Linde Material Handling Asia Pacific for the warm welcome and hospitality during our visit. 


We are delighted to inform you that Linde Material Handling Moscow, Russia has purchased yet another set of our Energic Plus battery maintenance and regeneration products.

Energic plus workshop South Africa

We're happy to announce yet another installation of an Energic Plus workshop, this time in Randburg not too far away from Johannesburg in South Africa. 

battery maintenance in France

Synergreen has made the decision to invest in our professional battery maintenance products in order to create the best possible battery maintenance service! 

Battery service Romania

Bogdan Ciobea and Valentin Margarit decided to start a mobile battery service in Arges, close to Bucharest. Their specialised knowledge in batteries combined with our battery regenerator and BMS system allows them to repair any type of lead-acid battery.


Energic Plus continues to confirm its market lead position by yet another successful installation of a fully professional battery maintenance workshop, this time in Argentina. 


We gladly inform you about our most recent installation of a battery regenerator in Latin America, Ecuador.

Linde battery regenerator

After installing dozens of battery regenerators all over the Linde network, Linde Belgium also decided to order their own unit


Another successful installation in the beautiful country or Jordan, besides one of the 7 world wonders.