Hydrofill watering carts

Providing an adequate supply of water to your battery topping system is often problematic and expensive. The HydroFill is a mobile water carrier with an inbuilt pump and battery, that enables you to transport water to anywhere in your facility. It is designed to be used with battery watering guns or a float based system, making it an ideal addition to your battery room.

The Hydrofill is very easy to use. Simply fill the cart with a suitable source of deionised water, wheel it to your battery, attach to the filling system and switch on. Standard the Hydrofill is supplied with a quick connect fitting. Adapters are available if other types of fittings are required.


  • Large Capacity: 30 liter tank
  • Compact size
  • 2 wheel configuration
  • Built-in 12 volt sealed rechargeable battery
  • Fully automatic battery charger
  • Shipped ready to use


  • Easy to use
  • Robust
  • Transport water to where you want it
  • No assembly required

Nice to know: when combined with our water deionizer system, the Hydrofill can be part of the most effective battery maintenance programme available, reducing waste and saving you time and money.

If you want to use the filling system as a demineralizer, the demineralization cartridge (TVH 100BA3008) must be purchased separately. Another option is simply buying demineralized water to fill the filling system.

Hydrofill (30 L tank) - 100BA3588
Hydrofill pro (60 L tank) - 100BA3589

Product video

How to fill the Hydrofill Pro