SmartBlinky - Cyclops: electrolyte level monitor

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The clever way to manage battery watering!

The biggest problem in battery maintenance is knowing when to fill the batteries with water. Time is often wasted when inspecting and topping up batteries that do not require filling, while batteries left under-filled can suffer costly permanent damage. 

The SmartBlinky - Cyclops is the new revolution in advanced technology battery watering! It has a LED mounted in a housing that is located behind the battery plug. This will allow the operator to visually check the electrolyte level, every time the battery is disconnected from the charger.

Advantages SmartBlinky

Safest electrolyte level monitor on the market: low voltage (4 V nominal) – fuse protected – low current draw – internationally certified

Easy to see and to use: a green light means the electrolyte level is OK; a red light means it is time to water the cells

Protects your battery investment: the SmartBlinky - Cyclops helps protect against battery dry-out

Gives bright, unambiguous signals

Engineered to be durable: the SmartBlinky - Cyclops is build to withstand the harsh environment of industrial battery application

Inexpensive and cost effective: over a battery lifetime, the SmartBlinky - Cyclops saves a surprising amount of time - or labor cost - and delivers a rapid return on investment