AQ Steam, Industrial Steam Cleaner

Industrial steam cleaner

The AQ Steam cleaner is a “continuous recharge” revolutionary industrial steam cleaner designed and marketed by ENERGIC PLUS.

This device, with all its accessories, satisfies the most demanding needs in terms of environment’s cleanliness and hygiene. The AQ Steam cleaner can be used in industrial environments for the cleansing and sterilization of surfaces and objects.

The AQ Steam Cleaner is the perfect solution for your traction batteries

  • Thorough and quick cleaning of the battery

  • Cleans even the most polluted batteries

  • No more excess water that remains in the battery box

  • Considerably lower water consumption

  • Can be used in combination with detergent to obtain an even better cleansing

  • Maximum pressure from 6 to 8 bar

  • Installed capacity from 3,4 kW single-phase to 6 kW three-phase

  • Unlimited autonomy

Technical description industrial steam cleaner

The industrial steam cleaner consists of a steam generator and of flexible tubing connecting the generator to the accessories.

The steam generator consists of: a stainless steel vaporizer boiler with heating elements, an external water tank-supply, an electrical water pump that feeds the boiler and a set of auxiliary equipment (electronic card, pressure switch, thermostat, electric valves, safety switch, liquid level regulation systems, etc.) that monitor the automatic, continuous and safety working.

All its components (excluded the water tank-supply under environment pressure) are contained in a stainless steel case.

The flexible tube is made of a rubber tube coated with an adequate material protected by an external sheath with steel spiral. Connections are located at the tube’s endings to connect the steam generator to the accessories