Battery reconditioner and desulfator

Battery reconditioner and regenerator to expand the lifespan of your batteries.

Expand the lifespan of your batteries: lead sulfate is removed by the electrical high-frequency pulsation process of the battery reconditioner. Rejuvenate your battery!


Battery reconditioning is very popular. 80% of the batteries breaking down and losing capacity are sulfated, but can be restored with the right equipment. Our Energic Plus battery regenerator successfully removes sulphation due to an electrical high-frequency pulsation process. This process restores the battery capacity, giving you the ability to reuse old and sulfated batteries. You can also use the battery reconditioner for annual maintenance to strongly prolong the lifespan of your batteries.

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Starter batteries - Stationary batteries - (Semi-)traction batteries - Ni-Cad batteries



Our Energic Plus battery reconditioners are specialized on forklift batteries. Besides reconditioning forklift batteries, the device has other fields of application: Golf Cart, Wheelchair, UPS, Automotive vehicle, Heavy Equipment, Military, Agricultural Machine, Motorbike, Boat, Train,  Wind & Solar Power System and others.

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When a battery’s energy charge is drained and needs to be charged during normal working cycles, sulfate crystals gradually build up on the electrodes, preventing the battery from effectively delivering current. The crystals in effect suffocate the battery.

This lead sulfate increases internal resistance and decreases the specific gravity of the electrolyte. The process of battery sulfation build-up is unavoidable. Worse yet, after 3-4 years the process accelerates substantially.

Causes of battery sulphation

Battery sulphation is a result of many reasons. Here are the main causes:

The battery was inactive for too long.

  • The battery was discharged too deeply.
  • The wrong charger was used.
  • A bad battery cell was left untreated.
  • The battery has reached too high/low temperatures.
  • The charge cycles were disrespected.


A battery desulfator or reconditioner is an electronic device that cleans the internal battery plates to remove lead sulfate. This lead sulfate will form on the batteries internal plates and greatly reduces the capacity of a charge on a battery. By restoring the lead sulfate back into the acid solution you can greatly extend the life of the battery.


By using our Battery Regenerator you will be able to dissolve the hardened sulfate and restore it to active material. It uses high-frequency wrinkle currents that are very effective in removing the hardened sulfate.

The desulfation process is fully automatic (max 42 hours), temperature-controlled and consists of 5 steps. This results in increased electrolyte gravity, reduced inner resistance, and increased battery capacity.

  • Combination of battery discharger and battery charger all combined in 1
  • Detailed test reports
  • Minimum maintenance cost
  • The expanded lifespan of batteries
  • Quick regenerations
  • Free analyzing software
  • Automation program applied
  • 2-year warranty
  • Almost permanent use by simplifying the circuits and using the best components
  • CE-certified
  • Wireless connection between regenerator and computer
  • Discharged DC/AC energy is converted. This energy can be placed back onto the power grid and can be reused


Our Battery Reconditioner comes with monitoring software. This software allows you to:

  • Draw accurate facts and statistics from the battery desulfators.
  • Create a full report on the battery regeneration.
  • Monitor the battery’s reaction when charging / discharging.
  • Configure the REPLUS Battery Regenerator by means of a laptop.

The REPLUS battery desulfator has an extremely user-friendly control panel. Via "Setting" you can change the date and modify some screen settings and in "Operation" you can configurate the final settings for the battery reconditioning process. This curve shows a complete restoration:

  1. Controlled discharge
  2. Restoration
  3. Equalization
  4. Discharge
  5. Restoration

When you compare discharge 1 to 4, you see that the time needed to discharge the battery has more than doubled during the second discharge. This is a direct result of the HF pulse process during steps 2 and 3.

Same story in step 5: when comparing this step to step 2, you see that the set battery voltage is reached much later than in step 2. This means that your battery lasts longer, is accepting current again and is thus recovered.


There are two ways to use the battery reconditioner: reconditioning regeneration and maintenance regeneration.

Reconditioning regeneration allows you to restore old (5, 6, 7 … years), medium to well-maintained batteries that have ‘silted up’ to a 90-100% productivity, as a result of natural sulphation.

Maintenance regeneration allows you to keep your battery in optimal, sulfate-free condition, by means of a yearly short regeneration.


Energic Plus has become the specialist in equipment for battery regeneration in the last 5 years. With more than 500 happy and returning customers in all continents of the world, we can say that we are the leading supplier of equipment in today's market. With the battery regeneration technology, you can use your batteries longer and that saves a lot of CO2. That way, the regenerator contributes to a better environment.

Our battery desulfation technology is specifically designed to analyze and regenerate and restore all types of lead-acid batteries, we have very nice references in different industry sectors. Material handling is our biggest market with big names like Linde and Toyota who have both bought several machines to be used by their official dealers. 

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