Standard versionBattery voltageDischarge current
REF 124TA265212-48 V maximum180 A
REF 124TA265312-96 V maximum200 A
REF 141TA672212-80 V maximum150 A

Test the efficiency of your industrial batteries, no matter the type, voltage and capacity!

The BDX is an automatic battery discharger/analyzer, designed to test the efficiency of industrial batteries of any type, voltage and capacity. This equipment can be programmed to discharge the battery with a precisely controlled constant current, adjustable from zero to the maximum rated value, while keeping the battery voltage under control.

While the discharge is in progress, the control board measures the total capacity (Ah) discharged from the battery.

When the battery voltage reaches the minimum programmed value, or when the maximum programmed test time is reached, the BDX shuts down automatically, while the measured parameters remain available to the user. The BDX is very simple to use and doesn’t require particular training. The programmation of the test requires less than 2 minutes and the operation is completely automatic.

General information

- High-frequency IGBT regulator, featuring constant current battery discharge
- Rugged construction
- Compact & portable design
- Wide power range available: battery voltages up to 600 V DC & discharge currents up to 600A  
- Intelligent electronic protection system (includes soft start, battery polarity, reversal & overtemperature)
- Programmable digital board, microprocessor-controlled
- Can operate with batteries of any type
- Digital display (battery voltage & current, time, capacity discharged, programmed values)
- CE-certified
- USB-connection