BMS-system: wireless detection of bad cells

  • BMS-system
  • Battery monitoring system report
  • Detection of bad cells
REFTotal VoltContentVolt Sensor
165TA375454V9 sensors 6V
165TA3766120V10 sensors12V
141TA147948 V24 sensors 2V
141TA148080 V40 sensors 2V
165TA3767Receiver for BMS

Perform individual voltage measurements of all cells during a complete discharge and receive a perfect battery evaluation and a clear overview of the performance of each cell! 

Batteries have no secrets anymore: analyze your battery on cell level. With the software, you can create detailed reports to help you make the right analysis.

Benefits Battery Monitoring System 

- A duration test during the entire discharge process
- Real-time monitoring
- An analysis function by means of the supplied software
- No tangled up wires thanks to the easy wireless connection
- A crystal-clear overview of the battery capacity
- Data displayed as a number or in a line chart