Constant Current DC Load Bank MPD-1007E

Constant Current DC Load Bank MPD-1007E

A discharge test is the only way to properly verify a battery’s capacity, and this can now be performed with the MPD-1007E. During the discharge test, no manual adjustments to the current must be made, as the MPD-1007E is an automatic constant current discharger equipped with an exact sensing function of the current through digital control, regardless of the voltage range. The discharger can be used as a stand-alone discharger, or it can be connected in synch with the Replus regenerators in order to increase the discharge power of the Replus regeneration machines.


  • Perfect synch possible with Replus regenerators and Energic Plus BMS system
  • Automatic switching according to discharge current
  • Designed for testing 12 V, 24 V, 36 V, 48 V, 72 V, 80 V, 96 V-batteries
  • Discharging range : 1 A – 200 A (Up to 1000 Ah c5 forklift battery)
  • Discharge auto-shutdown for time duration, setup voltage & capacity
  • Over-discharge battery protection
  • Built-in circuit breakers for emergency shutdown and overload protection
  • Reverse polarity protection

REF 40799583 DISCHARGER MPD-1007E + 48 VBMS
REF 40799574 DISCHARGER MPD-1007E + BMS 80V

Have a look at the leaflet for more information about AC input, discharge functions and other features.