Fluke TI100 general use thermal imager

Perform infrared inspections faster and more efficiently with the TI100 thermal imager!

- Rugged, lightweight, point-and-shoot
- Focus-free infrared
- Laser pointer to assist in showing where problems exist

A battery consists of an amount of connected cells, it is very important that all connections between the cells are in perfect condition. Bad connections between cells have following consequences:

- the battery can not be charged properly
- the battery will sulphate faster
- a huge development of heat where the bad connection is, possibly with a dramatic outcome such as a fire

With the thermal imager those consequences all disappear and you can keep your batteries healthy.
The TI range of thermal imagers also allow you to take and save pictures. With the software supplied with the imager, you can make detailled reports that are easy to save as a word- or pdf-file.

REF 140TA7524