Energiccap batteryless jump starter 12V 9000 Peak Amp

Batteryless jump starter 12v 9000 peak amp

This supercap technology jump starter works on a capacitor instead of battery which results in several benefits: high capacity and ultrafast charging, no start limits, light in weight, cold weather resistant and the ability to stock the starter for a long time, even when fully charged. This batteryless jump starter can start any type of vehicle.

- Max cranking capacity: 1800 Amp
- Short-circuit current: 9000 Amp
- Charging voltage: 12-220 VDC
- Charging time: 10 sec. to 2 min.
- Charging time with charger: 5 hours on 220V
- Weight: 9.5 kg
- Supercap technology
- Swiss quality 

REF 165TA3826