High-frequency charger with pre-installed air pump kit

- 20% faster charge with air pump
- Only for acid batteries

Function of the air pump

When batteries (rechargeable lead-acid batteries) are charged, the battery acid is layered in the individual cells as a result of the differences in density. This reduces the useful power of the

Conventional charging processes produce strong gassing through defined overcharging when fully charged. This gassing process mixes and homogenizes the electrolyte.
At the same time, however, this also means a longer charging time and an increase in temperature. The energy consumption rises in consequence and the higher temperature also leads to higher water consumption.

Electrolyte circulation ensures that the electrolyte is gently mixed by an air stream. Ambient air is pumped into the battery through a small tube reaching down to the bottom of the battery. The pumped output is produced by a fixed-displacement electric diaphragm pump and delivered to the tubes in the respective cells via hoses.

Product features

- Increased life time of lead-acid batteries
- Lower maintenance and energy costs
- Charging time reduced by 30%
- Energy savings of 20%
- Electrolyte temperature reduced
- No layering of the electrolyte
- Lower consumption of distilled water
- Longer maintenance intervals

Typical applications

- All devices/systems powered by lead-acid batteries and their chargers
- Stationary and mobile use: forklift trucks, autoguided vehicle systems with electric and hybrid vehicles
- Backup and emergency power supply in solar and wind power systems
- As a convenient charger for the vehicle fleet

Our experience in electrolyte circulation

- Specially developed and tested in years of practical use in battery aeration
- Different versions available for high-end and low-cost applications
- High-end unit for automatic operation
- Extremely low height
- Microprocessor control for adjusting the pump delivery, duty cycle and process control
- Can be installed in any position
- Resistant to battery acid
- Friction-free solenoid actuator ensures a service life of at least 10 000 hours
- Intake filter included as standard equipment
- Maintenance-free