Multivoltage traction battery charger: MVD

REF 140TA7514REF 140TA7515REF 140TA7516
2 V cell selectable2 V cell selectable2 V cell selectable
2-80 V2-80 V2-80 V
0-100 A0-150 A0-200 A

Model: MVD

The MVD is a high-frequency charger with IUa charge curve. Its constant curve (phase I) is adjustable from zero to maximum rated value with a potentiometer. The constant voltage (phase U) is selectable from 12 different thresholds. These models are suitable for any type of battery (lead-acid, gel …).

- Equipped with a fully electronic protection system
- Autotest of the functionality in less than 10 seconds
- Zero inrush current: the AC-input current of the charger will increase gradually (when the transformer is powered) without an inrush peak which could create problems with the protection/limiter devices.
- The output current increases progressively and reaches the max value in 3 to 5 seconds. This reduces the risk of sparks between the connectors.
- Reverse polarity protection: if a battery is connected with reverse polarity, no current flows through the wires and a LED lights up on the front panel. The MVD will only restart when the battery is reconnected with the right polarity.
- Output short circuit protection: the MVD can work without problems with the output cables connected together.
- Temperature protection: in case of overheating, the MVD reduces the output current to zero and a LED lights up.