Goldbell Leasing Pte Ltd. testimonial

Goldbell leasing is a rental company leasing battery forklifts to our local Singapore customers. A battery is widely considered as the heart of the truck and we all know that this heart is a costly asset to replace if it isn’t maintained well. We had been sourcing for the right solution to keep this heart in good shape in order to beat longer and stronger.

Ms Stacy from TVH Singapore recommended us this fairytale solution which we didn’t have any confidence in at the beginning. The fact is, we had been sourcing the right method for years and in all these years, every solution we tried failed and was tough to maintain.

After we purchased the Energic Plus setup with BMS system, we found that the software was easy to use which gave our guys the confidence to overcome this challenge. The reports offered extensive and useful details, going deep into individual cell performance and providing my guys with data to identify problems early. This battery regeneration system also requires virtually no maintenance. This was too brilliant to believe. We definitely had a massive cost reduction along the way and the results were fantastic for our company.

We particularly love the way Mr Lode took his time to explain all the options to us. This successful system will significantly cut down our expenses, which is one of the key factors in today’s business. That is why we definitely want to thank Ms Stacy for this spot-on recommendation.

We would recommend Energic Plus battery regeneration to other businesses that dream of the right solution.