Still UK: "We have regenerated just over 100 batteries to date."

How long have you been using the Energic Plus battery regenerator? 
We have been using our first machine since December 2014 and the new second machine since August 2015. 

Are you satisfied with the functionalities and the usability of the device and software?
We have had some challenges, however this is more to do with learning how to use the equipment correctly and setting our own acceptable limits. The software is easy to use and the results are easy to read. The device identifies problems with the battery early on, as a result of which we now have factual evidence on the battery condition and - if needed - individual battery cell problems before they are returned back into service in our fleet.

How many batteries did you rejuvenate so far?  
We have regenerated just over 100 batteries to date. Of those 100 we have analysed their condition and only had to remove a small handful of around 12 batteries from service, meaning they no longer met our acceptable capacity limit of 70% after regeneration.

Can you estimate the annual savings or the number of batteries that you didn’t have to replace since you​'ve been using the battery regenerator?
I can’t give the exact figure for obvious reasons but the math is easy: all the batteries we have regenerated and reused didn't have to be replaced, so each regenerated used battery equals one new battery replacement saved.

What do you think of the overall results so far? 
We are pleased with the results and are starting to use the equipment on our STR fleet as it shows how good the battery condition is. We have also found that the regenerator results can be a good indicator of how well the battery has been cared for throughout its life cycle or if opportunity charging / battery topping has been carried out.

You start to build a picture of how long the battery will last by looking at the results in detail. This can be a major issue on sites where battery changes are made and the battery isn't lasting a full shift. This machine can tell you in factual detail the problem and aid you in fixing or finding a solution.