Why is there a danger of exploding batteries?

Fri, 09/10/2015 - 13:50 -- Anonymous (not verified)
Energic Plus

The charging of lead-acid batteries can be hazardous. When batteries are being recharged, they generate hydrogen gas that is explosive in certain concentrations in air (the flammability or explosive limits are 4.1% to 72% hydrogen in air). The spark-retarding vents help slow the rate of release of hydrogen, but the escaping hydrogen may form an explosive atmosphere around the battery if ventilation is poor. The ventilation system should be designed to provide an adequate amount of fresh air for the number of batteries being charged. This is essential to prevent an explosion. 

Always keep sparks, flames, burning cigarettes, and other sources of ignition away from the battery recharging area. 
Wear protective eye wear when working near batteries. Do not break "live" circuits at the terminals of batteries.

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