Your battery charger needs repairing?

Repair battery chargerEnergic Plus is able to repair all types of battery chargers: traditional chargers, high-frequency chargers, built-in chargers, charger/dischargers … You name it, we fix it. 

All electronic parts repairs

Our electronics department is Europe’s largest, best equipped and most diverse service centre for the repair of electronic parts for forklifts, aerial work platforms and other industrial vehicles. 

All types of chargers are repaired at our facility and tested on a special power test bench. Regardless of the voltage or current, the tester is capable of simulating any type of battery. The in-house developed software allows us to print out the charging curve. All repaired parts carry a 1-year warranty.


Send us your faulty battery chargers for repair and we will send you a price estimate. After that, you can decide whether you would like us to repair the part or not. Use this repair form to register and follow up your repair requests.

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