Why you better not use your machines while charging

Wed, 08/08/2018 - 15:51 -- Anonymous (not verified)

Time is money … 

Everyone has heard this saying, but working hastily can lead to unpleasant and dangerous situations.
Charging the battery of your machine is an important process, but unfortunately people often pay too little attention to this. Situations in which the machine drives around while it is still charging, are a frequent occurrence. This can have serious consequences:

  • Damage to infrastructure: there is a big chance that you will damage the cable when your machine is still connected to the charger. There is also a risk of the socket being pulled out of the wall.
  • Safety: think about the safety of the driver and the people around the machine. Driving around with a cable plugged into the machine is extremely hazardous!
  • Lifespan: not charging the battery completely shortens the lifespan of the machine and battery. Give your battery sufficient time to recharge.

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Do you wish to avoid these situations? Read below how to do this!

The solution: installing an interlock system

The interlock system for battery chargers is a safety system or locking system that prevents you from starting the machine as long as it is charging.
Most built-in chargers are equipped with an extra relay that offers you the possibility to implement an interlock system.

The system consists of 2 wires that are connected to the charger (see image). This relay is connected to your starting circuit in such a way that the starting circuit is interrupted, as a result of which the machine can't start.
The interlock wiring can prevent a lot of problems and damage.

A universal interlock system doesn't exist yet. The interlock system can't always be purchased separately or retrofitted.

On some built-in chargers, the interlock wiring is installed by default. 
This is the case on the Delta-Q built-in chargers. The interlock system for these chargers can be purchased separately.

If the charger is equipped with an interlock system relay, we recommend to always connect it. This can save you a lot of accidents and money!
So always check if interlock wiring is present when buying a new charger.

Would you like more info about the Delta-Q chargers or about the interlock system?
Then definitely contact us, we will gladly help you.

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