Battery Discharger MPD-1007E

A lead-acid battery is the most expensive part of your equipment. Making sure it’s in good condition is not just important for keeping your equipment functioning properly - it can also save you lots of money because you aren’t replacing batteries prematurely. A battery discharge test, or load bank test, is the only way to properly check if your batteries are performing at their best. This easy-to-use device makes creating your own customised, detailed and professional battery reports a piece of cake. Discover our battery discharger now.

Energic Plus start boosters

Use our Energic Plus professional start boosters to start any type of vehicle. View our product movie to select your booster according to your machine.

Energic Plus Battery Regenerator

The Energic Plus Battery Regenerator is the ultimate solution to extend the life of your equipments' traction batteries.

Learn how to discharge your lead-acid batteries