References: Replus battery regenerator

The regeneron traction battery charger supplied this year is working out excellently for us. We have used it intensively on our hire fleet of forklifts and the benefits to our business will save us time and costs on batteries going forward.

Tin Quang Forklift Co. is an authorised dealer of Linde forklifts in Vietnam. Although the business primarily focuses on providing forklift rental services, it also serves the market by providing various brands of forklift batteries. With this market segment growing year by year, Tin Quang Forklift Co. has been looking for a solution to reduce battery replacement costs for their own electric forklift fleet. 

"We definitely had a massive cost saving along the way and the results were fantastic for our company."


"So far in 2019, we have regenerated 110 batteries, gained a lot of insight and we saved approximately 20,000 euros."

"A company with a large fleet of electric trucks will be able to save significant sums by regenerating their current batteries."

"We started using the battery regenerator almost 2 years ago. I'd say we have rejuvenated over 130 batteries already."

"At the rate we're going now, I'd estimate savings of minimum 12% over the coming year, so approximately $6000. This will still increase once the regenerator is integrated into the maintenance cycle."

"In only 9 months time, we managed to rejuvenate over 200 batteries already."

"Both the machine itself and the software are easy to use. We are very satisfied with our investment."

"​In the past year we rejuvenated approximately 40 batteries, in 95% of the cases with complete success.​"