References: Replus battery regenerator

"A company with a large fleet of electric trucks will be able to save significant sums by regenerating their current batteries."

"We started using the battery regenerator almost 2 years ago. I'd say we have rejuvenated over 130 batteries already."

"At the rate we're going now, I'd estimate savings of minimum 12% over the coming year, so approximately $6000. This will still increase once the regenerator is integrated into the maintenance cycle."

"In only 9 months time, we managed to rejuvenate over 200 batteries already."

"Both the machine itself and the software are easy to use. We are very satisfied with our investment."

"​In the past year we rejuvenated approximately 40 batteries, in 95% of the cases with complete success.​"

"We are very satisfied with this machine. With these results a second machine definitely coming!"

"The math is easy: all the batteries we have regenerated and reused didn't have to be replaced, so each regenerated used battery equals one new battery replacement saved."

"We’ve already rejuvenated over 60 batteries. After regeneration we usually see a good gain in capacity."