Access Hire Testimonial

How long have you been using the Energic Plus battery regenerator?
We introduced the battery regenerator 6 weeks ago.

How many batteries have you rejuvenated so far?
At this point, we have rejuvenated at least 48 batteries.

Are you satisfied with the functionalities and the usability of the device and its software?
We are still learning how to make optimal use of the regenerator, but so far so good!

Can you estimate the annual savings or the number of batteries you did not have to replace since you have been using the battery regenerator?
As we only started using the battery regenerator last month, these are early days to predict the savings. But at the rate we're going now, I'd estimate savings of minimum 12% over the coming year, so approximately $6000. This will still increase once the regenerator is integrated into the maintenance cycle.

What do you think of the overall results so far?
So far, the results have been good to excellent!