Loxam France takes a step further into the world of regeneration

Since 2019, the Loxam group has integrated regeneration into its equipment reconditioning programmes under the name ‘Regelox Regeneration’.

Mateco Poland invests in more regeneration devices for its sites in Warsaw and Tychy

At Mateco Poland, the awareness of battery care and maintenance made its entrance in 2019, when the company decided to invest in their first regeneration unit for their workshop in Wroclaw. 

Loxam Glasgow improves its battery management strategy

As a result of a global strategy, the Loxam group improved their battery management strategy. Loxam decided to work together with Energic Plus and invested in professional battery maintenance tools and regeneration units. 


Kingsley is a leading soft drink company in South Africa, growing and expanding nationally and beyond its borders.


In 2018, at Senlis in France, CAPM Europe SA, already a user of older generation regenerators, decided to switch to newer, more reliable technology, allowing them to use reports on the state of their fleet. 

Another full equipped battery workshop in India thanks to Energic Plus

Energic Plus has provided a complete fit-out for a new battery workshop for valued client, Sri Ananta Enterprises in India.

Korek Telecom is reaping the benefits of battery regeneration

As one of the top telecom operators in Iraq, Korek Telecom knows how important it is to maximise every resource. 


We are very proud to announce another satisfied customer, Michael Greger GmbH, in the city of Rechberghausen in the state of Baden-Württemberg.


Our presence in Africa is growing by the day and so we are glad to announce yet another successful installation of a professional battery maintenance package

Battery regeneration in Rwanda

The Energic Plus team is happy to announce that we have successfully installed a battery workshop in the beautiful Republic of Rwanda, the land of 1000 hills.