Normandie Manutention Linde and Fenwick dealer

We are happy to see that another Linde / Fenwick dealer has decided to invest in our full battery maintenance. 


We are very pleased to inform you that we have supplied the first Energic Plus unit to the State of Qatar. 

Japan battery reconditioner

With great pride, we inform you about the successful installation of a fully operational battery maintenance workshop in Japan.


With great pleasure, we inform you about another installation of a professional battery maintenance and reconditioning workshop in Turkey. 

Battery maintenance in Mexico

The Energic Plus battery reconditioner has become a reference among the most important distributors of forklifts in Mexico. On this occasion, we have been welcomed by the company Dimosa.

Logidom / Logikera

Logidom / Logikera, a refrigerated storage company with affiliates in Guadeloupe, Martinique and Guyana and handling a fleet of more than 100 electric machines, has invested in our Energic Plus battery maintenance products.

Kiloutou battery regeneration

In 2015, Kiloutou listened carefully to Energic Plus' presentation on the regeneration of traction and semi-traction batteries, as well as the economic and qualitative impact that this could have for the Group and its customers.


We are happy to inform you that we have recently installed a new Replus regenerator for the reconditioning and maintenance of batteries in Lima.


The use of batteries is increasingly common in the large Brazilian lift truck market. 


A happy customer is a returning customer. In this case, the story started in 2017, when Bitel Peru (part of the VIETTEL Group) invested in an initial setup of 2 units M1001I + BMS12V.