Still dealer yakis battery maintenance workshop

We're happy to announce that we installed a new battery maintenance workshop in the offices of Turkish STILL dealer Yakis. 

still france battery regenerator

Still France recently purchased their 4th battery regenerator and this specially painted machine will be used for mobile battery maintenance service.


We want to inform you on the installation of the first fully operational Energic Plus battery maintenance workshop in Tbilisi Georgia. 


We're happy to inform you about our latest installation of a fully operational battery workshop. This was done at one of the market leaders in terms of machine hire, the company Goldbell in Singapore.


We are happy to announce another installation of our battery maintenance solution at one of our customers, namely Mildura Forklifts from Victoria, Australia.


The company Parklj, the main Still dealer in Slovenia, regenerated its first battery about 2 months ago.

Their device has been running non-stop since its installation.


Once again another successful installation of our battery maintenance equipment, this time in the European part of Turkey at the company Akümser.


The batteries have always been complex components to work on, especially considering that these trucks and their batteries aren't used for a period of several months each year.


Linde Netherlands have had their own battery service for a long time. Their battery specialists recently asked us to organise a test to discover the difference between the Energic Plus regenerator and other technologies they have used in the past.


After thorough testing, we are happy to inform you that Fenwick Dealer Virly decided to go for the Energic Plus battery regenerator / analyser for their forklift batteries.