We are excited to inform you that our customer Osona Elevación, based halfway between Barcelona and the Pyrenees in the city of Vic, has chosen a full battery maintenance package in order to improve and increase the efficiency of its battery maintenance.


Energic Plus is proud to announce a new exclusive partnership that originated in the beautiful country of the Dominican Republic, for a variety of Energic Plus battery maintenance products.


Companies in the area of Bratislava are happily welcoming Regenergy. The company will provide a full battery maintenance and repair service for batteries of all sizes and types. 


After having already served several customers in Russia with battery maintenance products, we return this time to the city of Krasnoyarsk which is situated "only" 4300 km from Moscow.


With over 9000 outlets and 9 million purchases every day, 7-Eleven is without a doubt the most popular retailer in Thailand.


After numerous installations of Energic Plus battery maintenance equipment at Linde agencies all around the globe, we have now installed the first, fully operational battery maintenance workshop in Sydney, Australia.

Ailsa Machinery Ltd Forklifts

Ailsa has been providing forklift trucks and material handling equipment in Scotland for over 20 years. Our battery regenerator will assist them in keeping their batteries and customers happy. 


Officina Pavan Guerrino will use our battery regenerator to find and fix battery faults. The company has very skilled technicians, specialised in battery maintenance. 


Over the years, many Toyota dealers have started using Energic Plus products to reduce their battery costs. We are happy and proud to add one more partner to our list, i.e. Cami 2 Srl.


For the second time we have installed a fully operational workshop in Bangladesh: this time we performed an installation of a fully operational battery maintenance workshop in Dhaka.