Heavy duty jump starters

Professional jump starters

Professional heavy duty jump starters to start any type of vehicle, from engine-powered lift trucks, over aerial work platforms, to cars and heavy duty equipment. Even if there is no battery or if the battery is completely discharged. Select your jump starter according to your machine by means of the required peak amperage (cranking current).

What is a battery jump starter?

Your engine won’t start because the battery is empty. Did the battery run down because the machine was left out in the cold, or has the machine not been used in a while? No problem, you can use a professional battery jump starter whether the battery is completely drained or even when there is no battery present at all.

Jump starters, also called battery boosters, are portable devices that allow you to jump start a vehicle. Jump starters operate similar to jumper cables, however they do not require an additional vehicle to provide the power needed to jump start a dead battery.

How to select the right heavy duty jump starter?

Jump starters come in many variations: car jump starters, heavy duty jump starters... All our models are portable jump starters. Our two heaviest battery boosters are equipped with wheels to make your life as easy as possible.

The peak amps (PA) and cranking amps (CA) are the most important characteristics to select the right jump starter.

What is the difference between peak amps and cranking amps?

Cranking amps is the amount of power that a battery can discharge for 30 seconds at 0° C. This is the amount of power you need to start your engine on any weather except winter. The peak amps or peak power ratings, define the maximum power output of the jump starter.  

Should you select a jump starter with 12v or 12/24v?

You should use a 12v jump starter when the electrical system on your vehicle is 12v. If the electrical system is 24v, you can opt for a 12/24v jump starter. Car and truck batteries do not use 24-volt systems. Most components and accessories for retail vehicles are designed for a 12-volt power supply. A 12v car battery charger is enough to charge the battery of a car.

Please note: using a booster with an incorrect voltage for your vehicle may harm other components in the electrical system such as various sensors or control modules.

Portable 24v heavy duty jump starter

Our portable 24v heavy duty jump starters are designed to charge batteries typically found in trucks, industrial vehicles, construction equipment and other heavy equipment. Know that there are many 12v systems around. Our 24v heavy duty jump starters can also charge 12v batteries. So these models can also act as a jump starter for cars.

We have two 24v heavy duty jump starters in our range:

Heavy duty jump starter

How safe are our jump starters?

Our portable jump starters are equipped with an unique safety system, Reverse Polarity Protection (RPP) and replaceable output fuse.

Jump starters for every vehicle

These jump starters are suited for every type of vehicle:

 Car battery charger
 Jump starter for trucks and heavy duty equipment
 Jump starter for busses
 Jump starter for tractors
 Jump starter for forklifts
 Jump starter for quads

Need more information about our heavy duty jump starters?

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding our professional heavy duty jump starters. We are happy to help you!