Another full equipped battery workshop in India thanks to Energic Plus

Thu, 19/11/2020 - 09:03 -- tessavdb
Another full equipped battery workshop in India thanks to Energic Plus

Energic Plus has provided a complete fit-out for a new battery workshop for valued client, Sri Ananta Enterprises in India. Thanks to the installations of a REPLUS battery regenerator, Hydropure deioniser system and MVX multi-voltage battery charger, they’re enjoying easier battery maintenance than ever before. 

We want to say thank you for this opportunity. It’s so exciting to put our top-quality products to work doing what they do best: giving our clients ultimate battery performance at all times. 

Wondering exactly what these products do? 

Our Energic Plus battery regenerator restores old and sulphated batteries. It removes sulphation using a high-frequency electrical pulse, restoring the battery’s capacity and extending its lifespan. Ideal for annual battery maintenance, this battery regenerator ensures users get the most out of every battery. Read more

With the highly convenient Hydropure deioniser system, there’s no need to pay big bucks for demineralised water. It deionises water straight from the tap, ensuring purified water is always on hand when needed. Read more

The MVX battery charger is famous for its impressive universal charging capability. It can handle any kind of charging: multi-voltage, multi-capacity and multi-chemistry, for everything from single-cell batteries to full battery packs. Read more

Check out Sri Ananta Enterprises’s battery workshop in action in the video below: