NC Nielsen can now extend the life of all industrial batteries.

NC Nielsen recently acquired an advanced battery reconditioner and now offers its customer with industrial batteries various services, such as battery restoration, optimization of the capacity, problem-solving and battery regeneration. The goal is to extend the battery life expectancy and to exploit their potential to the fullest. 

Batteries do not last forever – even when it comes to high-performance industrial batteries for electric trucks, stackers, pallet trucks and reach trucks. But at NC Nielsen, it is now possible to extend the battery life expectancy, optimise its current battery capacity and document its effectiveness.

NC Nielsen invested in an Energic Replus battery regenerator. This is an advanced tool that can detect - during a 4-step process - whether parts of, or the entire, battery should be replaced.

"The whole process takes about 52 hours," says Jan Vestergaard from NC Nielsen. “The regenerator runs a number of cycles, where it first discharges the battery and documents the current state of the battery. It then regenerates, drains and eventually recharges the battery for renewal. During this process, defective or worn cells in the battery are replaced after which the customer is eventually left with a completely rebuilt battery.“

Battery savings

The average lifespan of industrial batteries is estimated to be between five and seven years. A regenerated battery will usually be able to be used for an extra two to four years.

"A company with a large fleet of electric trucks will be able to save significant sums by regenerating their current batteries," says Jan Vestergaard. "As of now, we can receive batteries from our clients to regenerate them at our Balling headquarters. The best time to start battery regeneration is when the battery has been in use for three years, this will ensure the best possible results.”

Approved and green

At NC Nielsen, the new Energic Replus battery regenerator serves multiple purposes. The device is primarily used for ongoing maintenance for customer’s batteries and the NC Nielsen lease fleet, but it also assists with strict documentation requirements and percentages set for the capacity of the batteries.

Environmental expectations

In addition, there is an environmental gain in the optimal use of the batteries.

Postponing the purchase of replacement batteries displays a company’s commitment to take up a corporate social responsibility. It shows to the world that you are willing to be sustainable and think about the environment.

"It makes sense to use the batteries during their entire life expectancy, and careful considerations are made when it comes to disposing of our depleted batteries with help from a certified battery disposal company," concludes Jan Vestergaard.