Pagat Gold: "We are more than satisfied with the device."

How long have you been using the Energic Plus battery regenerator? 
We started using the regenerator exactly one year ago in our Budapest premises.​

Are you satisfied with the functionalities and the usability of the device and software?
We are more than satisfied with the device. It is easy to use, so our ​expert technicians learned very fast how to work with ​both the device and the software.​

How many batteries did you rejuvenate so far?
​In the past year we rejuvenated approximately 40 batteries, in 95% of the cases with complete success.​

Can you estimate the annual savings or the number of batteries that you didn’t have to replace since you​'ve been using the battery regenerator?
​All of the regenerated batteries were functioning properly after regeneration, which means that none of them needed to be replaced. In other words: with every single rejuvenated battery we saved out on the costs of a new battery.​

What do you think of the overall results so far? 
​Our company is trying to do as much as possible to ensure that our ecological footprint is and remains as small as possible​. We try to encourage our customers to act accordingly. Battery regeneration as a service provides a great opportunity to do so, and at the same time the customer saves a lot of money. This is an increasingly popular solution when it comes to battery problems.

This means that in the long run, we can see on a positive evolution in the protection of the environment and the wallets of our customers. Many companies outsource battery repair, while we can do it ourselves immediately by using this machine. It can also take quite a long time in our country to purchase a new battery, regeneration is a faster and easier solution for our customers.