Enzed Mildura Testimonial

How long have you been using the Energic Plus battery regenerator?
We've been using the battery regenerator for 3 months now.

How many batteries have you rejuvenated so far?
Up until now, we have rejuvenated about 15 batteries.

Are you satisfied with the functionalities and the usability of the device and its software?
Both the machine itself and the software are easy to use. We are very satisfied with our investment.

Can you estimate the annual savings or the number of batteries you did not have to replace since you have been using the battery regenerator?
We reused more than 10 of the 15 batteries we rejuvenated.

What do you think of the overall results so far?
We use the battery regenerator to keep our rental forklift batteries well maintained and in good condition. The results are very good.