Battery regeneration demonstration

Sun, 17/08/2014 - 15:08 -- Anonymous (not verified)
Battery regenerator demonstration

If you're interested in a Energic Plus battery regenerator, feel free to ask us a demo. In the demo we will show you how to use the regenerator and how you can get the analytics of your battery before and after the battery regeneration. In this analysis you will clearly see the amazing results the regenerator achieves.

 The complete process lasts a maximum of 42 hours and consists of 6 steps. It begins with a controlled discharge of the battery while monitoring the voltage of each cell. After the discharge comes the charge and equalization process, during which we restore the sulphated and weaker cells.

These three steps are repeated twice in total. In addition to discharging and recharging the battery, during the entire process, high-frequency pulses are continuously sent to the battery (150 pulses of 150 Hz per second). These have been specially developed to convert the sulphate crystals back into active material.