Electric suction pump

The suction unit was designed to easily and simply extract battery acid from traction battery housings. The flexible suction pipe allows you to drain battery acid to a receptacle. The unit is compact, portable and can be fed by 12 V traction batteries.

How to work with the suction pump
The suction pipe must be connected to the suction connection of the unit by means of the quick-release coupling, and the press pipe to the press connection. Next you need to check if the on/off-button is in the off-position! The battery clips can now be connected to a 12 V battery. First the positive (red) clamp must be connected to the positive pole of the battery, then the negative (black) clamp to the negative pole of the battery. The unit is now ready to be used. 

The disconnection of the installation is done in reverse order. Make sure that the pump is switched off before the clamps are removed. First remove the negative clamp and then the positive clamp.

Extracting battery acid
The long flexible suction pipe allows for a virtually unrestricted access around the traction battery to remove battery acid. Observe the general safety rules for working in the vicinity of batteries and working with battery acid!
Although the unit can run perfectly without any fluids being sucked up, it is recommended to turn off the pump as soon as the removal has been finished, to guarantee the lifespan of the pump.

Storage of the pump unit
After using the suction unit, it always needs to be thoroughly rinsed with water. When not in use, the suction unit must be stored in a clean, dry place. This location must
be free of excessive heat and/or cold.