Rayonnage de batteries modulaire

Our modular battery rack is infinitely flexible, providing the freedom to optimise the battery racking as needs change. It’s specially designed to easily adapt to new requirements. Expanding the battery rack is quick and easy, and it’s the most cost-effective high-density racking system available.

This modular battery rack is an award-winning system. It’s comprised of a set of components that are easily bolted together on-site to meet the exact needs of every customer.   

  • heavy-duty, acid-resistant perimeter frame
  • acid- and rust-resistant roller beams, powder-coated in the colour you choose
  • low-energy, acid-resistant polymer wheels
  • easily adjustable battery stops
  • single bolt construction

Configure your workshop and available battery space, to receive a bespoke offer in just a few clicks.

The most flexible battery storage system available today

Designed with flexibility in mind, this modular battery rack is a system that adapts to fulfil every need. It’s quick and easy to reconfigure to meet new demands, whether changes need to be made to the battery room, or before, during or after the installation. This flexibility means the modular battery rack greatly reduces the cost of restructuring the battery room. It’s easy to free up valuable space and change the configuration on-site, at a fraction of the cost of a new installation. 

Delivered quickly and built easily

The modular battery rack is built, custom-branded and ready to install in a very short time frame. Because it’s modular, it’s easily tweaked or adjusted as required — perfect for accommodating last-minute changes. When it’s fully built, this innovative racking system takes up less space than any other racking system on the market. 

Always looks fresh

The modular battery rack keeps its appearance fresh and remains neat and tidy for the lifetime of the battery room. And forget about ugly, dented, rusted rollers; we offer you custom branding — which also ensures the presence of your brand is continually reinforced within the battery room.

Hassle-free operation and backup

If the needs of the site change during the lifetime of the battery room, the battery rack is quickly and easily reconfigured at any time, with minimal disruption of daily operations.