Battery Acid Tester

Battery Acid Tester

With this professional battery acid tester you can test the state of charge of a battery cell. This is performed by measuring the density of the electrolyte, which is accomplished by measuring the specific gravity of the electrolyte. The greater the concentration of sulfuric acid, the more dense the electrolyte becomes.

  • Chemical-resistant hydrometer of professional quality
  • Direct-reading and accurate at all electrolyte temperatures
  • Readings independent of vertical positioning of instrument
  • Fast, bubble-free intake of fluid sample
  • Automatic airlock prevents fluid loss and formation of bubbles
  • Sturdy, shock-resistant materials, non-corrosive throughout


  • Handy compact size for use with hard-to-reach batteries
  • Large, easy-to-read scale with quick-check coloured sectors
  • Unexcelled temperature compensation and measuring accuracy