Battery Discharger MPD-1007E

Professional battery discharger MPD-1007E

Discharging is an important part of battery testing. The time it takes to discharge shows you how healthy your battery is. It lets you know how well it will perform. Monitoring the capacity of your battery helps you manage your future battery replacements and solve problems with any battery-powered equipment that’s under-performing.

The Energic Plus Discharger uses regular 220 VAC input to discharge at a constant current of up to 200 A. This allows you to discharge at different rates depending on your type of battery.

Program the discharger to shut down, based on:

  • voltage reached
  • time elapsed
  • capacity discharged

Of course, there are also auto-stop functions to protect your battery from being over-discharged.

Once the discharge is complete, you can process the data that was saved on a USB flash drive in the ‘analyze software integrated monitor’ program for further analysis. You’ll receive a detailed, graphical battery performance analysis in a PDF, Word or Excel file. A special feature lets you easily add your company logo. Here you can see a preview of what the report looks like.

This battery discharger is compatible with the Replus Battery Regenerator but can also be used as a stand-alone discharger. If you use the discharger in combination with the wireless BMS sensors, you’ll be able to monitor each cell individually.

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