Digital hydrometer for lead acid batteries

Specific gravity testing is easy and efficient with this refractometer. Simply insert the nozzle into the battery and depress the finger pump, which draws a few drops of sulfuric acid (H2S04) through the tube. Within three seconds the measured refractive index is converted into a temperature compensated specific gravity reading and the specific gravity, temperature and cell count are displayed. Combining a lightweight and durable design with easy maintenance, field-replaceable spare parts and a large data storage memory; this hydrometer is the perfect tool for every lead acid battery. 


  • Measures specific gravity, ambient temperature and count 
  • Automatic temperature compensation to 25°C 
  • Time savings: 5 times faster than conventional methods 
  • Stores up to 1000 readings 
  • Wirelessly transfers testing data to provide software to create an Excel report 


  • Able to record temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius 
  • ±0.002 accuracy 
  • LCD display 
  • IP64 water resistant 

REF 166TA5541