Multivoltage BMS-system

This multivoltage 80 V battery monitoring system offers an exact evaluation up to cell level of your battery by measuring the individual voltage of each separate cell.

Using this system while charging or discharging gives you a clear view on which cells in your battery bank are the weakest and should be replaced or regenerated. This will permit you to work in a more cost-effective manner. Make an exact evaluation of your expensive batteries instead of often replacing them unnecessarily.


• Wireless bluetooth monitoring of 2 V cells and 6 V or 12 V batteries
• 5, 5” touchscreen
• Current measurements with the supplied current clamp
• Programmable battery type and ideal cell voltages
• Ethernet connection
• The system consists of 10 wireless voltage detectors that can each measure and transmit 4 different voltages to the receiver unit. All data is automatically stored on an SD card in the receiver.
• The stored data can be consulted via the touchscreen and different graphs can be made to easily detect the weakest cells with the receiver unit. The data can also be transferred to your computer through a USB-connection or via an SD card. The supplied software then permits you to draw up detailed reports.

REF 144TA8715