Delta-Q Industrial battery charger

Industrial battery charger that extends battery life and minimizes charge time.


  • Protected against high vibration, extreme temperatures and water, chemical and dust ingress
  • Installable on- or off-board in any orientation
  • USB flash drive retrieves detailed charging logs and updates charger software and QuiQ charge profiles
  • Saves technician field visits by providing info for battery maintenance or troubleshooting
  • Operates on any single-phase grid worldwide
  • Meets CEC energy efficiency standards
  • Reduced electricity costs
  • Extend battery life and minimize charge times
  • Auto-recharge for low voltage/storage ensures equipment is ready for use
  • Integrate charger with battery management system and vehicle/machine electronics


  • Multi-color LED indicator for AC source, battery status (< 80%/> 80%/completion), charging, alarm, fault
  • Numeric display for charge profile, alarm/fault codes
  • Field programmable with up to 25 QuiQTM charge profiles
  • OEM customizable, field replaceable cable design