Multivoltage traction battery charger: MVX

TypeMVX S-100MVX L-80MVX M-50
Output voltage range2-35 V DC2-65 V DC2-130 V DC
Max output range100 A80 A50 A
Max output power3 kW3 kW3 kW

Model: MVX 

- Input single-phase 220-230-240 VAC ±10%
- Efficiency > 90%, power factor > 0,90
- Full set of standard charging curves factory programmed
- Possibility to create and save customized charging curves of any type
- Intelligent electronic protection system (includes soft start, battery polarity reversal, output short circuit and overtemperature)
- Battery voltage/temperature compensation (battery temperature probe required)
- Anti-arcing protection (auxiliary wires required)
- Power-on self-test
- When a black-out of the AC input occurs, all the data related to the charge cycle that was in progress are saved in the exact point of interruption, and it completes the charge cycle normally.
- Dimensions (W x H x D): 325 x 550 x 560 mm
- 3 year warranty (on spare parts)
- Integrated data-logger (200 cycles)
- CE-certified