Single- & three-phase traction battery charger: AR-TOP

Model AR-TOP

A charger with a unique package of features and benefits!
Its complete set of functionalities satisfies the needs of both basic and advance users.

The AR-TOP brings to the industry the outstanding performances and the proven reliability of the Energic Plus® chargers, with a totally new digital control board.
This combination offers a unique package of features and benefits, at a competitive price. All the operating parameters of the AR-TOP are easily programmable (and password-protected) through the user interface and the charger can operate in both conventional and opportunity charging applications. The complete set of functionalities of these chargers satisfies the needs of both basic and advanced users. These systems are scalable and expandable.

General information

- New control board + dual charging curve
- Three-phase 230/400 VAC – 50/60 Hz input
- Single-phase 230 V available on request
- Fully automatic, microprocessor-controlled
- Dual selectable charging curve: Wa (10-12 hours)/Wsa-pulse (7-8 hours)
- Derivative dV/dT charge control
- Digital display (16 x 2 LCD): V/cell, current, capacity charged, time of charge, error messages, end codes, history log
- Automatic equalization/maintenance/refresh functions
- Programmable gassing voltage
- Battery recovery/desulphation cycle
- Programmable real-time clock functionalities (day/time):
         * Off-peak charging time window
         * Equalize time and days
         * Opportunity charging time frame
- Data storage capabilities
- Connectivity package: RS-485, USB (optional), wireless (optional)
- Compatible with wireless battery ID modules
- Compatible with web-based fleet management system
- Easy programmable and password-protected operating parameters
- Stackable cabinet (up to 3 units high)