Single- & three-phase traction battery charger: RX

Model: RX series

- Fully automatic, microprocessor-controlled battery charger.
- Compact and simple construction.
- LED control panel:
     * Battery connected – in charge
     * Final charge
     * Charge complete – equalization
     * Emergency stop
     * Black-out of the mains
     * Ammeter 0-100%
- Automatic battery equalization.
- Automatic start on battery connection, with 3 delays to avoid arcing between the connectors. Automatic shutdown on battery disconnection during the charge.
- Automatic saving of the charge parameters in case of black-out of the mains and automatic restart when the input is available.
- Input voltages single-phase 220 VAC or three-phase 380 VAC. Other input voltages available on request.
- Charge curve Wa (DIN41774).

1 year warranty on spare parts